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Welcome to Cuba. 

 Its complex politics and vibrant music have attracted the attention of the world. But Cuba, the largest island nation in the Caribbean, is also home to the unexpected.


It’s a place of stunning contrasts: mysterious caves and bright boulevards, sweltering fields and cool forests, hard challenges and high energy.

Event Premiere takes you off the beaten paths on educational and cultural experiences.

Take a cooking class in a Cuban home, go on an architecture tour, explore the island with locals. 


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by Event Premiere.




Homestay is one of the most enjoyable and authentic ways to experience Cuba and is certainly the least expensive!


Staying in a Casa Particular is about creating a connection with a local family, living alongside the day-to-day of the real Cuba – learning histories, sharing memories, cultures and much, much more all while enjoying comfortable accommodations with live-in hosts.


Our casas all have private bedrooms with a lock, private bathrooms, A/C, hot and cold water, breakfast and concierge services.

The best way to experience Cuba!



Walking architectural tour

Old Havana

Art tour and percussion class

Old Havana, Fusterlandia,Kcho

Muraleando Community Art Project

cocktail class

Centro Havana - private rooftop

cooking class

Centro Havana - Private home

Salsa lesson

Centro Havana - Terrace 

Excursion to vinales

Day-Trip - American Classic Car 

Excursion in cojímar

Hemingway Tour - Private car 

A Few Days in TRINIDAD

Private car or shared taxis. Casas

La havana as an habanero

La Havana- Vedado

scuba diving in havana

Playa del Este or Marina Hemmingway

Cuba history and economy

With an professor of University

Classic car tour

Convertible colorful classic car 

Food tour

Old Havana Walking Tour

Afro-Cuban Religion TOUR

Learn about Santeria over traditional cocktails in a Cuban home.

Workout with a personal trainer

La Havana

marketplace tour

Old Havana 3h walking tour 

PHOTOGRAPHIC TOUR (sunrise/sunset)

La Havana

'bicitaxi' tour

La Havana

Horse drawn carriage tour

La Havana

massage at home

La Havana


With a driver


La Havana

cuban propagandia billboards tour

La Havana

baseball initiation

Baseball Stadium

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