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“Show up to work.”

“Learn to read and write.”

“Harvest more sugar.”


In the years after Fidel Castro came to power in 1959, thousands of posters were commissioned by the government to communicate his vision of a socialist society. Some came to be regarded as works of art. Sreeya Sinha, New York Times, Nov. 26, 2016



Since 1959, propaganda has played an important role in the history of Cuba. We designed a tour of Habana that focuses on political billboards and cinema posters that best represent the official messages and outlook of that time.


The tour begins at the National Library to discover political messages from billboards of the 60’s to the 80’s, such as “la Zafra de los Diez Millones” or the official separation between state and religion.


The next stop is the Charlie Chaplin movie Theater where your guide

will cover the role and of Cuban cinema during the revolution through the many many original posters used to advertise and promote the films.


From here, a local Cuban will take to another part of town to witness the numerous billboards that communicate the regime’s current propaganda messages.


The tour continues in the historical old town section, where you will meet a variety of billboard collectors in their shops and houses.

You will then see the “casa da Justiz y Santa Ana” , plaza de Armas, where all the book sellers are located , fantastic private collection of posters and books, best way to understand the difference between government owned and private businesses in Cuba.

Information : 

1 hour and half + coffee at the end of the tour

1-2 people : 90 cuc

3-4 people : 110 cuc

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