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afro-cuban religious TOUR and Cocktails

Afro-Cuban Religious Practices: A pig’s head displayed in the street? A dead hen? Discover the unique variety of Cuba’s religious practices. Learn why people dress in white in the street and understand the relationship between Rumba, Cuban music and religion. 


Your guide is a religion specialist, after explaining the basics of the Afro-Cuban religion, in his typical Cuban house in the old town, he will teach you how to make 2 cuban cocktails.

Over cocktails, you will learn about Cuban religious beliefs and practices including Santeria and other Cuban religious rituals and traditions.


From these conversations you will appreciate the meaning and significance of the island’s religious practices and rituals while listening to the sound of drum and percussion rhythms and drinking Mojitos.

Information : 

40cuc per person.

2 hours (includes 2 drinks)

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