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marketplace tour in la havana

In this excursion,  you will experience the variety of foods and products consumed daily in Havana. Interestingly, you will also discover something of how Cuba’s economy works with its twin currencies. 


In State-run markets, Cubans pay for their goods from a booklet of vouchers called a libreta. These vouchers, which are issued by the government, are a ration to buy staple goods and foods at very low prices. At State-run markets and stores, the variety of products is limited but with only $2 you can get a great amount of goods. Transactions at State-runs stores and markets are completed in the national currency, the Cuban Peso or CUP, the value of which is set by the State. 


Then there are markets and shops that operate independently of the government, In these, the variety of goods is often greater and prices are more expensive. Transactions are completed in Convertible Pesos or CUC.


Here are a few examples of the markets you will visit:

—  Spice markets, flower & plant markets in CUC.

—  Small supermarkets (State) in CUP. Many also serve inexpensive meals ($1 for a lunch).

—  Small supermarkets in CUC (butter, oil, coffee, first necessity products)

—  Artesanal-product markets, Clothing markets in CUC.

Information : 

90 cuc - 4 hours - 1/2ppl

110 cuc - 4 hours - 3/4 ppl

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