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la habana as an habanero

How do Cubans deal with everyday issues? Far away from Havana’s touristic attractions, this cultural immersion experience we will give you an insight on Habanero’s everyday life, dreams and challenges.


This tour is a carefully designed, in-depth cultural experience for those who wish to encounter, embrace and understand the why and wherefore of Cuba, its people and their lives.


•Take a walk to the Vedado, the ‘modern Havana’, with its own characteristics and lifestyle, see the Hospital from outside and learn about the healthcare system.

•Have an ice cream in Coppelia. Through this iconic ice cream shop, you will be given a clear insight on the economic system. 

•Take a public bus to Centro Havana, an older part of town with a different lifestyle, buildings, and people.

• Discover how Cubans buy food and, in visiting two supermarkets – one that trades in Cuban Pesos (CUP) and another that trades in Cuban Convertible Currency (CUC) – understand the impact of the nation’s two-currency system on its citizens. provided by the State very inexpensively with coupons in CUP.  


This is your opportunity to experience the island — its people, institutions and culture — authentically. See the Cuba of today and yesterday under the care and guidance of a young University professor, specialist in the island’s economy and society. 

Information :

1 ppl : 70 cuc

2 ppl : 90 cuc

3 ppl : 110 cuc

4 ppl : 130 cuc

Duration : 3h30

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