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In the 1860s, baseball was introduced to Cuba by American sailors on trading vessels that ported in the country and by Cubans who studied in the U.S. and returned tools of the game, like bats and balls. Cubans quickly adopted the sport and leagues started all over the island. By 1869, after the first Cuban War of Independence against colonial Spanish rulers, the game was banned and Cubans were expected to dutifully embrace the Spanish pastime of bullfighting. These efforts to ban the sport quickly gave baseball a deeper significance to the Cuban people and the game itself became symbolic of freedom from their Spanish oppressors.


Meet at the stadium.

Watch a 6-11 young players training.

Your guide, a former player and a sport specialist will share the baseball history in Cuba, and how the system currently works.


Once the training is completed, you will meet the coach and players on the field, for a Q&A. This will be the perfect time to ask all of your questions: how does category work, tournaments etc.


And of course, the experience would not be completed without a basic training session with the coach: your turn to practice on a cuban baseball field and build memories.



Information : 

Duration : 2 hours and a half

Cost : Contact us

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