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ART TOUR and Classes

Cuban art is rich and diverse. Havana’s art scene is sizzling hot. Avant-garde artists and show-stopping creatives are filling government-run galleries and running their own independent studios.


Tour the galleries and see Cuban art firsthand. Get the inside scoop on the Havana art scene. Meet the artists and understand their vision.

Don’t miss this wonderful art experience under the guidance of an art specialist.


Information : 

90 cuc - 4 hours - 1/2 people

110 cuc - 4 hours - 3/4 people


 Dance and percussion lessons in Muraleando community art project:

4 hours class in the famous Muraleando.

40cuc per person.

Add a car for remote galleries:

(Fusterlandia, Kcho Estudio, Muraleando …)

25cuc per hour or 50cuc round trip 

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