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photographic tour

  • Sunrise tour. 7am-10am 

Sunrise: Over a light breakfast and a hot beverage in his photography studio, you will meet Manuel, a Cuban photographer who will introduce his work and personal history. Following this, with Manuel you will embark on a two-to-three hour, sunrise tour of La Havana. 

Manuel will show you where to take the best shots of the City at the best hours. He will help you with your camera and explain the history of the City and the monuments you are shooting. What was Havana like before?

What has changed since and what will change soon? Here you have an opportunity to chronicle Havana before it gets a new face.


  • Sunset tour. 5-8pm

Start with a cheerful cocktail in the photographer’s studio. Then with Manuel as a guide, start out on a two-to-three hour sunset tour of Havana.

Use the long light of the afternoon to shoot the Capital of music and dance. Same as the sunrise tour, Manuel is your professional photographer tour guide.

Information : 

90 cuc for 1 to 4 people

All inclusive 

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