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Cuba’s city streets are shaped by the country’s history as a Spanish colony and by the enormous wealth created by the sugar industry beginning in the early 1800s.


Cuba’s architecture -- rather like its music -- is an eclectic mixture that over time has assimilated various outside influences to create strikingly unique cityscapes. In Havana, stately plazas and grand boulevards are lined with colonnades and covered walkways featuring graceful arches and columns inspired by Renaissance Europe as well as ancient Greece and Rome.


Discover the joys and secrets of Cuban architecture from the Colonial-Baroque style to Neoclassical and Modern. See fabulous Palaces, Churches and buildings, all brought to vivid life by an Art History professor.


Your guide for this architecture tour is an Art History professor from the University El Colegio Universitario San Gerónimo de la Habana.

Information : 

90 cuc - 4 hours - 1/2 people

110 cuc - 4 hours - 3/4 people

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