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Caballito through the ages

The barrio of Caballito (small horse in Spanish) is in the exact center of Buenos Aires.  Here, we offer a tour that is off the beaten path, featuring attractions and landmarks that you won’t find in a travel guide.   It’s a neighborhood of rich culture and history. Our guided walking tour will immerse you in authentic Argentine life.   First you will enjoy a stroll through a historic indoor market from the late 19th century where you can find traditional and delicious Argentine food. 


Your journey through history will then continue with a visit to an iconic Barber Shop where early 20th century tools and furniture continue to be used. You can then visit the adjoining one-of-a-kind museum that documents barber-shop history.


Caballito is also rich in astounding architecture, featuring historic mansions in beautiful and colorful cobblestone streets in the English District.


Finally, you will learn about the importance of Tango in the Argentine culture by visiting a unique milonga (tango ballroom) in Almagro.   The space mixes the sacred aura of a cathedral and the cheerful clutter of a circus tent in a building that was once used as a grain silo. 

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